Types of Cheaters! (Blog #2)

Hey everyone!! Hope you all liked my first blog from Saturday. As I told you last week I did a dance at a charity event and it amaze-sauce. I learned a lot about the cause and the damages victims have, so I am very happy to be part of that.

Anyway now lets go to the blog! So, today I was reading this book and the main character’s best friend got in trouble for cheating. Now, when I read that I was like, WHAT!!!! Could you have not cheated any more obviously? Then in my mind I was saying, I need to write a blog about this.

So what I am trying to get to is that this person cheated completely wrong. He didn’t even have a structure, he just went out on the wild. And so, here is a list of cheater I have seen in schools, books,etc. And DISCLAIMER, this list is my opinion, and if I have offended anyone, I am truly sorry!

Types of Cheaters:

A. The Complete Cheaters:

This type of cheater is the cheater you see at the back of the room taking someones paper and copying it right off, I mean the whole thing. Its really easy for teachers to find these type of cheaters because the two papers are the EXACT same, no difference. Say the person who did the work doodled on the side of their paper, the cheater would do the same thing, to make it seem like he/she took time to do the paper.

B. The Undercover Cheaters:

These cheaters are the more sneakier cheaters. During tests they’re the ones who get up and go all around the classroom, “blowing their nose”  or “getting a drink of water” while in reality they’re just walking around the classroom looking at everyone’s paper.

C. The Body Part Cheater:

This cheater is the cheater who writes down the answers on their arms, legs, etc. These cheaters, are the cheaters who you see during tests, “scratching their elbow” while in reality they’re just looking at what the answer for number 2 is. Now these cheaters are the less experienced cheaters. They usually get caught right when they have P.E. , because once they wear their shorts and T-shirt, all you see is the answers to that Social Studies test you took last period.

D. The Fidgety Cheater:

These Cheaters are the ones who are really fidgety. They are the ones who “accidentally” bumpy you while in reality they are just looking to see what you got for #10. Another example of their fidgeting is knocking over your pencil, or “stretching”

And that is it for the type of Cheaters. DISCLAIMER #2: If someone is doing this, it necessary doesn’t mean they are cheating, it just means they really have to get a drink of water, or really need to scratch their elbow! (:

But ya, this is just my opinion on type of cheaters. And if you liked it give it a thumbs up! And also if I forgot any other cheaters comment down below and other types!

Now for the positive thought of the day:

For every DARK night, there is a BRIGHT day!

Love you lots!

Raveena ❤


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