Awkward Situations (Blog #3)

Hey Guys!!! So Yesterday I did a post about Types of Cheaters, and if you have not read that article just click on the calender for that, it it will come. Today, I thought I would do a post about Awkward Things, which I know that everyone has done at least once. So here is a list I made up about awkward things that I have encountered. So Lay back and read on!

1). Conversations:

So Conversations can be VERY awkward. For example, here is a example of a awkward situation:

Person 1: Hey!

Person 2: Hi, how are you?

Person 1: I’m great, what about you?

Person 2: Awesome

And than BAM the awkwardness begins. Neither you or the other person know what to say next.

2). Farting in Public:

We have all done it. Not really an explanation needed! (:

3). Jokes:

The awkward situation when you say a joke you think is really funny, and then your friends just stare at you, processing the joke, wondering if they should laugh or call your counselor. And most of the time you say a joke, they don’t even get that it was a joke.

4). Push instead of Pull:

I really hate it when you’re pulling the door and you’re just like, “Why wont this stupid door open!” And then you realize that it was Push. Really awkward.

5). Calling for someone:

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but it has for me. So whenever I call someone for help, they never hear me, but the people around me hear me. It’s really awkward just saying your name and no answer, even when your friend is right in front of you!

6). Scratching Your Butt:

Don’t judge! It’s really awkward! 🙂

7). Wearing the Same shirt the next day:

You know the days you have really bad memory and you don’t know what is going on. That’s the day you wear the same shirt you wore yesterday the next day.

8). STARING!!!

Remember the time when you were staring at your crush and day dreaming about you guys on like a tropical vacation, but then he/she stares back at you before you glance away. AWKWARD!!

9). Seeing your friends outside of school

I don’t know you guys but I get awkward when I see someone at school outside of school. Especially, when they see your parents. Nothing more Awkward.

And I know there are WAY more Awkward Situations, but I would be here all day! If you have any other situations, comment them down below! Also, dont forget to follow me because I make posts every week, so stay tuned!!

Positive Thought of the Day:

Color outside the Lines!

You guys are my Fav’s

Raveena!!! ❤


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