Our Society is Corrupted(Blog#4)

Hey Guys!!! So as you can see, today’s blog is going to be about, Why our Society is Corrupted. And before, anyone leaves this blog because this topic may be a little touchy for them, DISCLAIMER: Anything said in this post, is just my opinion, I do not mean to hurt anyone! 🙂 So without further a do, lets get started!

1). Judging

So the first reason why our society is corrupted is because, everyone judges each other on their appearance. They look at their, height, weight, and body shape. According to this world, your shape does matter. This world focuses more on your outer package, than whats in you. We no longer are equal to everyone, but we are less than them.

2). Money

Money. Money can give sensation, but it also can give greed, and violence in families and the world. In our world today, people with more money are considered happy. Just because they have a big house, a nice car, etc. they are considered having a happy life. But people with lesser money, still have happiness, even though they just live in a small house, etc. People in this world think that money is happiness, BUT NO! Happiness comes from family and friends. Nothing can change that.

3). Taking things for Granted

If you are reading this, you’re probably reading this on your laptop, computer, smart phone, or anything else. But there are many people in the world today that don’t have these resources. We buy things because, “its the new thing in” or because “everyone one else has it”. For instance, when a new style of clothing comes out, we want to be up to date with our clothes, and trust me, I am well aware of this, I am one of these type of people. And if we don’t have these new style, people will judge us, like the first reason above. We need to know how other people live like, we need to see the rural places in the world, we need to see people that our less fortunate than you.

And with that, I am going end this post. These reasons above are just my opinion and I am well aware that I am all of the reasons above. If you like this post, than give it a THUMBS UP! Also, comment down below of what post you want to see next week, I am either going with Types of Kids or How Stupid I am. And Also, follow me on this blog because I make posts every week, so stay tuned for that!!

Positive Thought of the Day:

Live Life the way you want to live it!!


Raveena 🙂 ❤


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