Black Friday (Blog #5)

Hey you guys!! Sorry it has been a while, I have been sick and my throat has been killing me! 😦 Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope everyone counted their blessings and were thankful for everything they had!! Now, I know I said that I would do either a post about Types of Kids or How Stupid I am, BUT I forgot this week was a holiday week so I thought those posts could be moved a different day. πŸ™‚

Now lets start off with my Black Friday experience: So for Black Friday, 2014 I was TIRED. Since I was sick the days before I was still recovering from that, but I still wanted to go, I mean duh, shopping! πŸ™‚ As tired as I was, I still went threw filled parking lots, crowded people and rain. For Black Friday I usually go to the mall, so this year I went at 6:00 am to Macy’s. But get this, the might before somehow I couldn’t go to sleep, and I was coughing all night so from the start it was bad for me. But things got better as I went shopping. So back to Macy’s: I was there around 6 and the store was slightly packed. So then my mom and I went to the boot section and bought some boots, the usually stuff, running around the room yelling “MOMMY I GOT THE SIZE 8!!!” And then after that my mom, me and my dad went to JCPenney. There, it was like Macy’s, we got there bought some more boots and then some clothes and hurried off, last but certainly not least we went to Bath and
Body Works and bought some body lotion and some shower gel. And that ended my Black Friday for 2014, but that took like a total of 4 hours! Though I think I might go to Costco and buy some stuff and Target……………

ANYWAY!!! If you want, here is a list of stuff i got


2 black boots, both are by Rampage and they are the Black fur ones with laces in the back and Black ankle boots with belt buckles.

JCPenney =

3 sweaters in the color white, black, and pink

2 pairs of jeans, one black and one a light wash blue

One white puff jacket

One pair of leggings in a blue tribal print

Gray Moc’s

Tan boots

Bath and Body Works=

Country Chic Body Lotion

White Citrus Body Lotion

White Citrus Shower Gel

Japanese Cherry Blossom Ultra Shea Body Butter

Moonlight Path Fine Fragrance Mist

Moonlight Path Ultra Shea Body Butter

And ya! Hope you like todays Post, Have A fun Black Friday and Talk to you Later!

Positive Thought Fail 7 times get up 8!

Raveena πŸ™‚


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