Procrastination, AKA my life……

Is it just me, or does the anyone else wait till the very last minute to do something? I mean for me, I wait till the ABSOLUTE VERY LAST minute to do something. Like for example, any big project I get, say in like Social Studies, I wait till the very Last minute to finish it. I don’t why I do this, I know that procrastination is risky, but in my defense I work better when I’m under pressure……DONT HATE ME!!!!!!!!!

Here is a story of my worst Procrastination days:

Once upon a time there lived a young girl named Raveena Nair. Raveena was having a wonderful summer, playing outside going to the beach, shopping. Now lets go back in time even more, before the school year had ended her English teacher had already sent a letter talking about the English Book Report she had to do. But did Raveena do it, Nooooooooooooo. Raveena kept putting it off, saying she would start it tomorrow. Soon as August came to an end she finally remembered that she had an English project to finish, or lets say start. It was the week before school, and she was panicking. Doing a entry every day, and for another she had to remember important details for the test that would come (For all you who remember the DJ, give this a LIKE!!) Anyway, she finally scrapped something up and handed something in. And for the test, lets say Raveena ended up with a C. So the Moral of the story: If procrastinating, procrastinate leaving 2 weeks in advanced, rather than 1. 🙂

Anyway, I think procrastination is kinda like a drug. Come on, you take one sniff at it and for the rest of your life, procrastination haunts you. For me, procrastination took over my life. I do it for EVERYTHING. For example, my I pod right now is running on like Yeah from Usher, and Shake Up Christmas for Train. I never update my songs, I’ll say like, “I’ll do it later,” and that turns into having songs from 4 years ago……….

No wait, I have an idea, we Procrastinators should all get together, and worship ourselves. I bet we work WAY harder than those people who are wiser and do it earlier. I bet they don’t know the feeling of adrenalin coming to them. 🙂 We should all get together and have a party…….Ah I’ll do it later. 🙂

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Positive Thought Of The Day:

Somebodies thinking of you, this second!


Raveena 🙂


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