Things I Will Never Understand!

Hey Hey!!! So in my life there are MANY things I don’t understand. Like for starters I don’t understand the game Halo. When ever I play, I always kill my self instead of my enemy……..ANYWAY, this is just a list of a few things I do not understand.

1). Excel:
Ahhh, Excel. I don’t have a clue what you are. I open you and then a bunch of boxes come up and attack me. I press one of the boxes and then more stuff come attack me!! They should make horror movies based off excel.

2). Parents:
Parents, one of the most confusing things in life. Instead of making students do hard classes like Geometry we should take a class about understanding parents. Come on, to be honest will I ever use Geometry again in life? Will I ever need to know how to use a protractor?
I mean I don’t get parents, one minute they say they love your sister and you equally, and other minute they’re giving more allowance to your sister. I don’t get it!!!

3). How to take the Perfect Selfie:
This is something I practice how to do everyday, but I will NEVER learn how to take the Perfect Selfie. You know those selfie’s which are perfect? The ones you see on Instagram with the most likes? Ya, those selfies, I don’t know how to take. Half of my selfies my thumb is in the picture, or my hand is pressing the capture button in a really awkward way and I’m trying to take it out of that position. Long story short my selfies are hideous! #StoryOfMyLife

4). Painting my other hand:
For any of you guys reading this, I’m sorry but this might not be your section. For the rest of you, I can’t paint my non dominate hand. It is physically impossible to do. I try and the polish gets all over my fingers, on my desk, it just makes a mess. And the RARE times I can paint my hands I always touch my nails before it dries, and I ruin it…..

5). Sports:
Why is football called foot-ball when you mostly use your hands. I know that you kick the football sometimes, but the rest of the time people are just running side to side. Anyhow, I will never understand sports. I’ve actually tried reading books, watching sports but that never helps, I usually end up falling asleep.

6). What Popular Means:
Is it just me or does other people not understand the word popular. Does it mean that people know you a lot, or do you have a lot of friends, or do you have the best type of clothes? IDK!!! It’s so confusing because when someone asks me if I am popular I don’t know what to say!

7). The World:
I feel like this one should have been first. I kind of talked about The World in my other posts, but I still don’t get it. Why is the world all about judging people? Why are people against gay people, not saying that, that’s wrong, but I don’t get it! Why is there wars?

8). Death:
I know this is a touchy subject because many religions have different beliefs, but what actually happens after you pass away? Do you still have thoughts? Are you still a person? Or do you just sore through the sky? I know in a religion people believe that they reincarnate into a another form, like a animal of a tree. But, what actually happens?

9). Packaging:
I bet when you see this you’re probably going to think, Why Raveena, why? Why would you not understand packaging? And here is a example where I don’t understand packaging: Say I want hotdogs for dinner, so my parents go and get the stuff for it. When we go to the store you see hotdog buns and hotdogs. Have you ever noticed that there are 8 hotdog buns in a pack, but 10 hotdogs in a hotdog pack. What am I going to do with 2 extra hotdogs and no buns? I need more buns! Okay that sounded really wrong…………….Lets go to the next one….

10). Me!!!
Last but of course not least it’s me!!! To be honest I don’t understand my self. Like for example, today I was in class and I just suddenly started making weird faces? Like why Raveena? And another time I just started singing out of no where…..Why? I really feel bad for my friends because they’re probably even more confused than I am. Comment down below If there are any other people who are like me and don’t understand themselves.

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Positive Thought:

Welcome to today. Another day, another chance. Feel free to change!!




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