Things I don’t like AND things I do like!!

Hey hey!!! Yup you got it, 2 blog posts in one day!!!!! I thought I would give you two post in one because next week is winter break and I’m not going to be home, I’m going to be on vacation! So with that from the 21-01 I wont be here, unless i get some time, but other than that I wont! 😦 So without any other things, let’s get started!

Things I DON’T like!

1). Screeching Pencils
So my friend in my English class loves this and I hate it! It annoys me so much when she does it!! It’s like that scene in that one movie, i forgot the name but a witch is saying,” I’m melting!!!!” Ya thats me!

2). Healthy Food
Why do we have healthy foods? We’re only going to be on this planet for a few years, might as well be living it in happiness!

3). Hairless Cats
Why? It just seems so wrong! They look like a Granny coming out of a hot tube…..ewwww!

4). Banana’s
When I was little I loved banana’s, and then suddenly i didn’t like them. Like the taste wasn’t appealing to me! Though I eat banana bread and banana cream pie, i just don’t like the banana it self.

5). Chocolate Ice Cream
FIRST!!!!! Don’t kill me!!! I don’t know why I just don’t like it! Like when ever I eat it, I always regret it! But hey! Vanilla’s not that bad, eh!

6). Spiders
Some are hairy, some are small. Some are Scary, some look like a ball. I’m not a rapper, I’m a rhymer fool!

7). The Smell Gasoline
The smell of gasoline makes my head dizzy………pretty lame answer. Eh!

You know those kids which are always in the front of the class just raising there hand at every question just saying,”I know!! I know!!” IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! It lowers the self esteem of people who like me who DON’T KNOW and DON’T CARE!!!!

9). Hand Sanitizers
I’m not talking about the scented ones, I’m talking about the original one. It gives me a headache and makes me all  woozy, my friends rat smells better than that…….

10). Tickling me!
I am REALLY ticklish, like extreme style. My friends tickle me at lunch and I just loose 2 pounds right there just running from them!

Things I DO like!

1). FOOD!!!!
There’s really no explanation for this, like its simple math. Food + Raveena = Happy Living!

2). Polka Dots
This is my FAVORITE print, like my whole room used to be polka dots, my bedsheets, my robe, my bag, etc.

3). Back Scratchers
Who ever came up with this is a GENIUS! Like I use mine every day, until last month when I lost it, BUT I used it everyday!!

4). Making up words
I love doing this, I even have words for bones……I especially love it for swear words…. 🙂

5). YouTube
Youtube is my life, I can’t go a week without even using it!

6). Citrus Flavor
I don’t know, I feel like citrus goes with everything. It’s light but still fulling…………………………..

7). Monkeys
Monkeys ARE me!! I act like them, talk like them, I even scratch like them!

So for those of you who don’t know, RBS is a TV show on Fox and its amazesauce!! Check it  out, its magnificant!!

9). Old Disney TV shows
I love watching old disney TV shows like from 2003-2007 OMG!!! Lizzie McGuire!!

10). My friends
They support me through everything I do and I really could not do anything without them! So if your reading this, Illy!!

And that is it! Like usually either click on the calender or scroll down below for more blog posts, and don’t forget to give this a like if you liked and , and comment down below for things you do like and things you dont! And lastly don’t forget to Follow me for emails whenever I post a new post, so stay tuned for that!!

Positive Thought:

Though the future is unpredictable, you still know your friends got your back!




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