My New Year Resolutions!!!

Hey!!! I CAN”T BELIEVE ITS 2015!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH! So much has happened over last year. Who knew I would be a blogger, or that I would write my own song….(ya I kinda did…. 🙂 who knew that I would be addicted to cards?!
Anyway, but like every other person on New Years Day we write our resolutions aka a list of lie that we say we will follow.But there are some people who do stick to them and for you guys, Good job!! But for me I never stick to them. I make this wonderful list and everything, I put it on the wall, and I try to do it, but that only last for the first week of January. Not even a whole month, just a week! So This year I made a commitment to post my New Year Resolution on my blog so if anyone see’s me and I don’t follow my resolutions they can slap me right on the cheek!

1). Drink More Water
So this is a problem for me. I NEVER drink water. Like my parents force me to drink water.

2). Build up my Stamina for Dance
There is a reason why I’m not having stamnia for dance. I’M NOT IN SHAPE!! 🙂 Like it’s a problem, I walk up the stairs and I need to sit down…..JK (noooooo) Anyway, So I have this big dance recital coming up in a year, and we start practice a year before…..kind of confusing, but for that you need a lot of stamina so I have to start now! In Reality,  think this resolution is the one that I wont stick to because it means that I have to do work. Simple math: Work+Raveena= Error.

3). Get less Addicted to Shopping
Okay, so this is a problem, whenever I get into a store I get attached(?) to the clothing. Now you may be thinking ( raveeena’s gone mad…) But it’s true. Like it’s like love at first site but with clothes….okay maybe I should get a check with the counselor…

4). Learn how stop blanking out into space while people talk
This happens when my teachers talk, my parents talk, even when my friends talk. And I’m not doing this on purpose, but it just happens, AH!!!

5). Reach 20 followers by my birthday!
So right now I have 5 followers, which is amazing!! But my goal is 20 by August. So If you haven’t already follow me! What are you waiting for? 🙂

6). Wow no more………….way to much already
I cant believe that I already made this much……

Anyway like usual , either scroll down below for more blog  posts or use the calender to your right. And comment down below of what your resolutions are, or if your like me and only use them for a week! And like this if you liked it, and last but not least follow me by pressing the button under the calender or clicking the follow button on top because I make new posts every week so stay tuned!!

Positive Thought:

Be positive, be happy. Don’t let the negativity of drama of the world get you down!!! SMILE!!


Raveena ❤


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