If You Fall, Get Back Up!

Hey Hey!!! So recently I’ve seen a lot of people falling down, not literally falling down, but giving up. Especially after making a resolution and then when they try it for a day or so, and it doesn’t work out. So my message to you is:

If You Fall, Get Back Up!

Because if you don’t get back up, it declares your a weak! See, there is this little person inside your head and it’s job is to mock you. Whenever you mess up, they laugh. when you cry they celebrate and say, “Ya suck!”. Our job is to destroy this little person, and the only way of destroying this little guy is to do the opposite of what they want you to do. For instance if they celebrate when you cry, then do the opposite, by smiling. When you smile, it’s like a knife stabs them, instead of you feeling weak, they feel weak.

So what I’m trying to say is, Don’t give up! Stay strong, just because it didn’t work for you the first, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you the second time. Even if you tried 5 billion times, there’s still room for one more try!
In the end, don’t listen to that evil guy in your head, listen to the angel in you heart, because they’re the ones who really care about you. They’re the ones who motivate you, they’re like a shoulder, when you cry they’re always there.

And that’s it! I’m sorry if this post didn’t make you laugh but to be honest I think once in a while we need these types of post, more serious types!

Anyway like usual , either scroll down below for more blog  posts or use the calender to your right. And comment down below If you’ve ever heard this evil little guy in your head, or wait….comment down below a name for this little guy! And like this if you liked it, and last but not least follow me by pressing the button under the calender or clicking the follow button on top because I make new posts every week so stay tuned!!

Positive Thought:

Like water, just go with the flow!

Talk To You Later!!



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