I miss the old days…..

Hey Guys!!!! So recently I watched one of my dance performances from like 2004 and instantly I started missing the old days! I don’t know, I just feel like our new world is so messed up. Sure we have cool things like smartphones, vine, and the word swag, but don’t you miss the old days in which you could watch TV shows that were actually GOOD, and your friends not being addicted to there phones.

First and for most……………the TV shows were the best in the old days. My friends at lunch today were just talking about this today. Disney channel was the bomb, like Lizzy McGuire, Thats So Raven, Hannah Montana, OMG Suite Life of Zack and Cody, there are so much more! But now a days the TV shows are pretty lame and really boring. There so cheesy! I kind of feel bad for the kids who were born in like 2010, they missed on great shows!

Next, cellphones. In the old days the only cellphone you had was a flip phone, or a big brick shaped phone. Nowadays people have thin as paper, literally you can put your phone ANYWHERE! Also, I remembered that when you wanted to text your friends you had a limit of texts you could send, because each text was 10 cents each! Kids now texting 50 billion texts because they have unlimited text! But to be honest……I am guilty of this. Ya…….(:

And lastly, back in the old days I remember everyone being so nice and when you walked on the street everyone would smile or say hello. Now people are just staring at their phones, and if you smile at a person they think your high on drugs! Man, I ain’t sniffing any drugs, I just trying to be nice! The worst is when you see someone staring at you and you say hello and the person just immediately goes back to there phones! Your just like, is my hello not worth you?!

And thats it! I miss the old days…..but I guess the present is good to! I mean we have selfies, YouTubers, Snap chat! Fun stuff! I guess this was just my little rants! Hey, first rant of 2015!!!

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Positive Thought:

You can change the world with just your attitude!


Raveena ❤


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