Types Of Kids At Family Gatherings

Hey!!!!!!!! So maybe many of you can relate to this post, but at family gatherings kids are always very confusing. I don’t know if its just the parties I have been to, or in general, kids are kind of weird……………with me being a exception! Just kidding! 🙂
So without further ado, probably spelled that wrong but who cares, lets get started!

1). The Clueless:

So we all know this kid, probably have been this kid, but this is the kid who goes around asking the same question over and over again. The very famous question…………”What’s This?” OMG!!! This kid just goes around from item to item just asking what each thing is. And your just trying to relax in the corner and just saying…”I don’t know!” But gosh!!! This kid though………GOSH!!! You know what kid? Next time you ask a question like that, this is how it’s going to go down.

Me: Hey Kid!
Kid: What?
Me: What’s this? (Pointing to my fist)
Kid: Your fist
Me: And now its in your face!

2). The Magnet:

So this kid never leaves their parents. Whenever you see their mom or dad, they’re right next to him. Now to be honest this kid was me when I was probably 3, but for the case was I left my parents after 15 minutes into the party. For them it’s just like super glue, your stuck forever! Ha, that reminds me of a memory about super glue and me! So when I was in I think the 4th grade, I did this art project with glue and I accidentally used super glue, and it got on my fingers and I took a piece of paper. Ya the paper and my finger was stuck together for like 5 minutes before I could get it off!

3). The electronic:

This kid is someone we ALL can be and might be in the future. This kid is the kid who is usually the oldest one at the party and doesn’t have any other kids their age. This kid is the kid at the corner of the room just texting, trying to get the WIFI password. Now personally, I don’t have anything against this kid, they are probably nice and quite just minding their business, but if this kid does this to just act cool, then hold my bindi, because it’s going to get real here!

4). 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF:

So this kid is the type of kid who at first seems like a calm and quite kid. At first, they are probably just sitting on the couch just reading a book. But when this kid see’s some kids his age, then duck and cover! It’s kind of like the Turn Down For What music video, they’re just wild and starting running around the whole house, breaking lamps, drawing on walls!

And thats it! Personally there is a BIG list but I’ll save it for later!! Anyway like usual, either scroll down below for more blog  posts or use the calendar to your right. And comment down below if you have seen one of these kids, or if you know any other types! And like this if you liked it, and last but not least follow me it you haven’t, what are you waiting for?  Press either the button under the calendar or clicking the follow button on top because I make new posts every week so stay tuned!!

Positive Thought:

Friends are like rainbows, always there to cheer you up after a storm! this quote was given to me by my friend Nikki! Thank You dear!!


Raveena ❤


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