Superbowl Review!

HEY!!!!! So yesterday was the Superbowl, as many of you know, and the teams playing were Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, and I don’t know if you know but I’m from Seattle so people here were jumping from buildings, fireworks, etc. Anyway, so here is my review on the SuperBowl!

So, starting off, John Legend sang America the beautiful and it was AMAZING!!! He just got up and went to his piano and just killed it! Then Idina Menzel sang the national anthem and tears came……………..

Then the game started and it was really good, like if the Patriots scored a touchdown Seahawks scored a touchdown like 5 minutes later, so it was back to back. But then it was half time and the score was 14 Patriots and 24 Seahawks and everyone in Seattle was partying!

And then the half time show came and it was………………………….KATY PERRY!!!! She killed the show, like she started off with ROAR and she was riding this robotic lion and I was like, “Dang! Isn’t she afraid of heights?” After ROAR she sang Dark Hourse and the floor she was dancing on had a projector on it and it was SOOOO cool! And then she sang with Missy and other person who I don’t remember, and then she ended the show with Firework, whcih was AMAZING!!!! She was on this flying thing in which it traveled Katy Perry across the stadium and there were fireworks, the crowd was wild and AHH!!!! amazing!

Then during the 3rd quarter things started to change the score was 28 Patriots and 24 Seahawks and we were just playing our best, and we were sooooooo close to getting a touch down but there was a interception. I know many of you heard about that story so not going in depth in that, but ya it was sad, because we were almost about to win!

Anyway but the Patriots won and it was a good game! It was a game that I didn’t even get up my seat for because it was that good!

BUT HOLD ON A MINTUE, let me just talk about the commercials this year. Okay, so some disappointed me, but some that were decent were the Coco Cola one and of course the DORITOS one!! I like how he was like, I’ll give you my Doritos when pigs fly and he actually made pigs fly!

And that was it! The super Bowl was good, maybe the Seahawks will win next year! Anyway like usual, either scroll down below for more blog  posts or use the calendar to your right. And comment down below if watched the superbowl and what you thought of it! And like this if you liked it, and last but not least follow me it you haven’t; what are you waiting for?  Press either the button under the calendar or clicking the follow button on top because I make new posts every week so stay tuned!!

Positive Thought!

You win some and you lose some!


Raveena 😀


5 thoughts on “Superbowl Review!

  1. So crazy that the pats won! ugh. poor richard sherman looked like he was going to cry and russel just gave up in the last 20 seconds. soooo sad. but both teams trained, and even though the seahawks were so close, they’ll win next year!


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