Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Hey Guys!!! It’s that time of the year, Valentines Day. Filled with love, roses……………AND CONFUSION!!!! Yes Confusion! I don’t know about you, but when Valentines Day comes around the corner, you have confusion over what to get for your friends, family, or significant other! But don’t worry because Dr. Raveena is in the office for you!

1). A Jar About Us / A Jar for you!
So baisically what this is, is a jar, preferrably a bigger one, filled with moments that you and your other had! You can put stuff like, picture, inside jokes, special nicknames, whatever! And also, if you don’t want to fill it up with picture you can put things that the person your giving to like. Such as, their favorite type of chocolate, if its a girl, some earrings, nail polish, whatever! Also, don’t forget to decorate the jar! (In the picture they didn’t though 😀 )

650 × 428 –
2).  You Light Up My Life!
So this gift I actually saw at the store for like 6 bucks, and I was like, “Wow! I can make that for 3” And so what this is, is a match box filled with chocoalte or candy. Then what you do is take a piece of paper and tape it infornt of the box saying, “You Light Up My Life” or anything like that!

3). Personalized Hearts!
So for this kidness challenge in our school one of the tasks was to make hearts and write a specail ntoe on them and give it to your freinds. So I thought, hmmmm why don’t we make it a little specialer…..

So what I did was I took some fabric ( White color, or any light color) and cut it in a heart shapes, you need two hearts for each one heart.

Then what you do is on each heart write something meaningful on it with fabric marker. Then you sew the hearts together half way, so leaving room to stuff it with either cotton balls or padding, then you finish sewing. If you can’t sew you can do the same thing with fabric glue.
4). This ones for you mom!
So this is a gift for either your mom, or dad or someone who was either your guardian or like a parent. So what you do is take a piece of paper and write a quote or anything on it, and in the end put a picture of you two together with a ending of, “I will cherish these moment together,” or anything like that!
And thats it! I feel like Valentine’s Day should be fun, and everyday should be Valentine’s Day! (cough, cough, cough. The cliche remark) Anyway like usual, either scroll down below for more blog posts or use the calendar to your right. And comment down below if you have any other ideas on Valentine’s Day projects! And like this if you liked it, and last but not least follow me it you haven’t; what are you waiting for?  Press either the button under the calendar or clicking the follow button on top because I make new posts every week so stay tuned!!
Positive Thought:
In the end, we’re not perfect!

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