Spring DIY’s

Hey guys!! So many of you might know, but today is the first day of Spring!! Yes today, March 20, 2015 is the Spring Equinox! So in order of that today I decided to make a blog post about some DIY’s aka Do It Yourself, projects in honor of spring, because I feel like spring is a great time to re-organize things, and start fresh! So let’s get started!!

1). Motivation Jar:

So I mentioned something like this a while ago in an older blog post called a motivation wall, but many of my friends told me that they weren’t allowed to put things up on their walls because it would ruin their walls. So for you guys, I have made a Motivation Jar! This is basically just a jar, or a vase (I used a vase to make it look fancier, but you can use what ever you want!) full of positive thoughts that you can read each morning to make your day great! Trust me because this is really nice because once you read one your whole day feels much better, whether you are having a bad day or a great one, it makes it EVEN better!

2). Spring Candles:

This is the second DIY and it is SUPER EASY!! So what this is, is a candle case that is decorated like spring. So instead of a boring white candle case, we have a nice spring themed one! All you do is take some different colored sharpies and plan out what design you want on a piece of paper so you don’t mess up! Trust me, I have! 😀 Some designs you could do is flowers, sunshine, etc. My favorites to do is gold and silver polka dots!
Then you literally take your markers and draw the same design you want on the sides of your candle case. And that’s it, super easy! Next time you light a candle it will make you feel in the spring time! And you don’t have to do this just for spring it can be anything! Also, if you don’t have sharpies you can take some washi tape and take it around the sides of the case, it’s really cool!

3). Peep Kabob’s:

I have actually made these in like 2nd grade before and now they are really popular around tumblr, readit, and pinterest! So what these are is little kabob with peep’s marshmallow and fruits, and honestly it tastes really good!

All you will need is kabob skewers, fruits of your choice, and peep marshmallow. And it’s simple like that, just take one end of the marshmallow and put through one end, and then add fruits in between, and then add one more marshmallow at the end!

4). Jars of Color!:

So this isn’t really a DIY just for spring, but it is just a DIY which adds color to your room, and I think a big part of spring is color because flowers come in different shades, and I love showing that for spring! So what you do is take a jar, it can be mason or just a plastic jar, and fill it up with different colored objects. You can fill the jar with gum balls, fake flowers, marbles, whatever you like. This is really easy, and it adds color into your room which is great if you are like me and LOVE color! Also if you get different shaped jars or vases, it is really cool!

Image result for jars filled with candy

5). Flower Letters:

So I got this idea off of Pinterest while I was just looking through it and it is really cool. All you need is:

3D Cardboard Cut Out Letters (You can get them at Michelle’s or Joann’s) make sure they are hollow so you can put things inside the hole

Foam Bars

Fake Flowers


First what you do is take your fake flowers and cut the stems of, so only leaving about one inch. Then what you do is put your foam bars into the hollow part of the 3D letters. Them that’s it, just stick the letters inside the foam bar and they will stay. If you have to you can add some hot glue, here and there.

The selection was gathered in this form due to the aesthetic appeal of the ideas presented in each of them and the degree of handcrafting skills one should have in order to obtain such eye pleasing decors. The list can go on forever, which is why we invite you to send us your very own paper crafts and to share your own creativity with us. Thus we hope you will enjoy our small collection of 40 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Paper Crafts. Pinterest

And that is it! I hope you liked all of these DIY’s, maybe I will make more in the future, but for now these are all I have! If you have any ideas for any DIY’s for spring please comment them down below!

Anyway, like usual, either scroll down below for more blog posts or use the calendar to your right. And comment down below other DIY’s you have for spring!! And like this if you liked it, and last but not least follow me it you haven’t; what are you waiting for? All you have to do is put your email address in the slot to your right, or if you are on phone then scroll down to the bottom. It’s easy and you get new emails every time I post something!

Positive Thought:

Happiness Starts when you stop comparing yourself to others!




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