Fahrenheit 451 Book Review

Hey guys! So I recently read the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, in my English class and I decided to give it a review of my own. Personally, overall I thought the book was pretty good; it’s just that Ray Bradbury is VERY detailed, like he is over detailed! But other than that, I actually liked the concept very well and the characters in the story.

Fahrenheit 451 is a story taken in a society which thinks they are a Utopian society. For those who don’t know what Utopia is, it is basically a community which is perfect, like there are no flaws whatsoever. (But the truth is we all know that will never happen! 😀 ). In this society, the government has decided to ban books, so now firemen, instead of putting out fires, they actually set fires on houses which posse’s books. The author doesn’t really state why the government banned books, but there are some clues identifying that the society wanted everyone to think equally, so know one gains knowledge from books.
In that book the main character is Guy Montag, who is a fireman who has been working for over 10 years.

The story starts off with Guy Montag expressing how much he loves to burn books. And the title of the book, Fahrenheit 451, is supposedly the temperature of which book paper burns. He talks about how he loves the way the paper curls once it has been set on fire, he also likes how kerosene smells. On that same day he meets Clarisse McClellan who is a 17-year-old girl who thinks very differently than the common human. She asks him question like, “Is it true that firemen used to set out fires instead of putting them?” Or the famous question whether Montag was happy or not. Montag and Clarrise become close and Montag finally realizes that what he has been doing for the past 10 years is awful as he sees on one scene where an old lady burns with her books. Montag finally then reads a book and understands how great it is. He finally see’s the thoughts the author wrote down, the feeling he/she felt, the history that books preserved.

After Montag goes through this change we meet Montag’s wife Mildred who is the complete opposite of Montag. She is just like the people in the society and wants to blend in with others. One day she finds out that Montag has been reading books and becomes very paranoid in which what they will do to them. Later as the story goes on we see that Mildred pulled with fire alarm for Montag’s house and the fire department comes to Montag’s house and tries to burn it down, because he has been keeping books, which is against the law. But with the passion of the books, Montag burns the Captain firemen and two other firemen and the whole house down, even with the books and runs off into the night. Now, a while back in the story before Montag burned everything down he met an old professor who also wants to preserve books, so after Montag burns his house he goes to Faber for help as the whole city is looking for Guy Montag. Will Montag live and convince the society to read books, or will he get caught and be sentenced to death? Read Fahrenheit 451 to find out!!! 😀

But overall, this book is pretty good. The only thing you have to watch out is that Ray Bradbury writes very in detail, so sometimes the story lags a little. But, all in all, a very good book. Out of 5, I would give it a 4. I also felt like this book actually changed how I look at people in general, so that was good. 

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