What We Say To Our Parent, to What We Actually Mean

Hey guys!! So what I am about to talk about is something we all do, talk to our parents. At least one point in our life, we have talked to our parents, or a guardian and we have said stuff that we have a different meaning for. So without any more interruptions, let us get started!!

1). “I will do it later,”

Ahhh, the famous, “I will do it later,” now this is literally just saying, ” I WILL NEVER DO IT!”. It is basically something we say to our parents/guardian to make them feel better. Don’t feel bad, I have done it, you have done it, your parents have probably done it too! It’s just a part of nature…..

2). “I never got text,”

I got your text……I just didn’t want to talk to you……..yup I went there. I even know you saw the little things by the text saying I read your text, but I just don’t want to reply!!!! Just leave me alone!!!

3). “I’m sleeping!”

If you count sleeping as searching Instagram, texting my bestie, and listening to music, then ya, I’m sleeping!

4). “I’m taking a break,”

Okay, so this means one thing, and only one thing…..I just gave up! Whatever I was doing, whether it was homework, chores, etc. I just gave up!!! Just telling you my break is probably going to last the rest of the night, so be prepared! And mom and dad, if your reading this then….hi!!

5). “K”

Whenever I talk to my parents and I reply with a “K” it usually means I am not listening to a word you are saying, and whatever your saying is going through one ear and the other! Here is an example:

Mom: Hey honey, do you want pizza for dinner?

Kid: K

Mom: Okay, do you want stuffed crust?

Kid: K

Mom: Are you listening to me?

Kid: K

Mom: Okay, well then, we cut our cable, so no more TV. Oh ya, and we cut our Internet, so no more YouTube

Kid: K

And that is when your parents come and through you under the bus.

6). “We didn’t get homework today”

We all know where this is going to go to, so I’m not even going to explain this!

7). “I’ll be home by 10”

Yaaa about that, I got caught up in the movie we were watching so you’ll see my pull up in our driveway by 12…………

8). “I invited a study group,”

I invited a group of people, BUT we are not going to study…….

9). “I’m going to band practice,”

Band Practice = Talking, Eating food, and talking even more. Ya, I bet I’m not even going to touch my instrument…

10). “I Love Ya!”

I actually love you! ❤

So that is it! If you have done anything related to this, then don’t worry because we all do it! I bet your parents even did it to their parents! Oh ya, and mom or dad, if your reading this then….hey………”I’m going to dance practice…..I’ll be home by 10…Love Ya!!!”

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Positive Thought:

Don’t think about what you DON’T have, but what you DO have! 🙂

Love Ya,


P.S “I never got the text!!!”  😉


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