Thank You Mom!

Dear Mothers Around The World,

Words are not enough to thank you for what you do. You raised us into strong human beings, lifted us when we were down, gave us food and a roof to live with, and most importantly, cleaned our rooms when we were too lazy. I don’t know how to thank you for what you do. As young kids, we see Superman and Spiderman as our heroes, but the true heroes are you. As Joseph Campbell once said, “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” And that is truly what a mother does. They look after there children and partner, almost giving up their lives. As I can speak on behalf of my mother, she wakes up everyday around 5 in the morning just to make us lunch for the day. As mothers, we don’t appreciate you as often as we should. We do on a day called “Mother’s Day,” which is basically a day we made so card companies could get some money during the year. But that is ONCE a year, and even on that day, we usually just give you a card or a bouquet of flower, which won’t even last a whole month! As kids we should feel ashamed of what we do to you. If we count how many times we actually thanked you for your work, then you as mothers would cry because the number is so low. And for thanking, just saying “Thanks” does not classify as thanking your mom, actually sitting down and spending time with her and talking about how much we love you, is thanking your mother. And I bet none of us, including me do this to you ever! Maybe once or twice, but is that enough? So on the account of kids everywhere, I thank you for keeping up with us for years, coming to us whenever we yell, “MOM!!!!!!!!”, and for loving us fro who we are, Thank you!

With Love,

Raveena ❤


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