Happy Anniversary!!

Hello Everyone! It has officially been one whole year since I have joined wordpress! One whole year, wow that is such a big accomplishment! I still remember the very first post I wrote, and how nervous I was. I was so scared of what others would think of it, but you guys were so kind and loved it! With your kind remarks and amazing praise, I wrote more, causing this day to come! Without all of your amazing support, I would not have kept writing!

I started writing a blog because I wanted to show the world my passion to write. Since a little kid I loved to write, I used to write my own 2 page stories and share them with my family. Even in school, my favorite subject is English!
I also wanted to start a blog because I wanted to do something that was special to me. I felt like nothing was really mine, nothing was my own. Creating a blog showed me that THIS is my special thing, and all of you following it are my special friends.

So thank you all for supporting me through this amazing year. Whether you were here from the start, or just joined thank you so, so, SO much! Just the fact that all of you take the time to read my posts, makes me so happy!

Positive Thought:

The feeling you get when you make someone smile, is the greatest feeling you could ever have!

Love you lots!

Raveena ❤


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