India Trip!!!!

Hey guys!! I am so sorry that it has been a while since I posted a blog post!!! I have been really busy in India, spending time with family and friends!! I actually arrived in India on June 26 and literally the WHOLE day I was sleeping!! Even when family from my dads house came over I felt really sleepy!!

So I live in Southern India in a state called, Kerala! Its kind of like a tourist place, filled with coconut trees, banana trees, and busy streets! In Kerala I live in a town called Aluva. My house is next to a river, so when ever I look outside I always see the calm river.

So in the first week I was in India it rained like crazy!! Like one day it rained so hard that 8 nutmeg trees fell over!( My grandfather has some land in which he grows nutmeg) That day was scary, India rain is not like the rain I am used to. Indian rain is intense! Full of thunder, hard rain, and sometimes lightning!! Oh ya…..AND A LOT OF WIND!!!  And the thing about Indian rain is that it’s really pretty to watch, like I wouldn’t mind having a cup of hot cider and sitting outside in the rain!
After a couple of days, my uncle and aunt took me and my cousins to Ernakulum, the city. Ernakulum was really cool! On the way to Ernakulum we stopped by Marine Drive, which is a place which you can see the amazing back waters! So when we stopped by there, I couldn’t help but take a few pictures!

Displaying IMG_0127.JPG

After Marine Drive we went Ernakulum for shopping!!! At Ernakulum I bought a few Indian dresses and some stuff for dance. Then as it got towards dinner time we went to a restaurant called Chiang’s. It was really good, Chiang’s is this Chinese restaurant in which we ordered Chicken Fried Rice and Chilli Chicken!! (YUMMMMM!!!!) 😀 Then it was time to head home!

After staying at Aluva with my moms side fo the family I went to Eloor, a town only 25 minutes away. In Eloor I stayed with my dad’s side of the family. In Eloor I hanged out with my little cousin who is in 2nd grade, my uncle and aunt, and my grandma. At eloor I got addicted. I got addicted to……………………..THE INDIAN TV SHOWS!!!! Literally from 7 to 10 I watch TV shows with my grandma and my little cousin! I think for me it’s getting to be a habit….. 😀

Besides TV shows I also learned that the buses in India can get REALLY crowded. Fro instance my grandma took me to Ernakulum to go shopping and on the way back I was almost going to be squashed! THERE WERE THAT MANY PEOPLE!!!!! But it was all worth it because my grandma and I went around the city shopping for the whole day!
In eloor I also learned how to clean fish! Especially shrimp! To be honest, it’s really fun to pull off its head….. 🙂

After a few days in Eloor I headed back to Aluva, and that is where I am right now! Time flies by SO FAST when you’re having fun, and these 3 weeks have been AMAZING!! My trip ends on August 14, but untill then, stay tuned for more India stories and I will see you soon!

Anyway, like usual, either scroll down below for more blog posts or use the calendar to your right, and if you’re not on your computer then scroll down to the bottom! And comment down if you are doing anything fun during the summer! And like this if you liked it, and last but not least follow me it you haven’t; what are you waiting for? All you have to do is put your email address in the slot to your right, or if you are on phone then scroll down to the bottom. It’s easy and you get new emails every time I post something!

Positive Thought:

Family Will Always Be There For You!

Have Fun!!!



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