Happy Veterans Day!

Hello all, Happy Veterans Day! This is a day to honor those who risked their lives to serve in the military for out country. So, because of that, I decided to write a poem about veterans, the real heroes.


Bombs bursting, tensions rising, our Country’s flag raised up high.

People shouting, lives in danger, sweat everywhere.

Men and Women risk their lives to protect our country

They take their lives to keep our flag raised up high

They make sure our eagles soars through the skies safely

They keep our pride.

Though, do we honor our veterans enough?

When we a see a veteran do we say a simple thank you?

Do we take our time to recognize what they do for us?

A lot of people do, but not everyone does.

Veterans are heroes.

Way bigger than superman and batman.

They fight until we’re safe,

 dawn till dusk,

every day till we win.

Their families and friends wonder as their loved ones leave

If they will ever see them again.

Veterans are the heroes of this nation

They leave home and risk lives

To come and fight for our country.

They are not forced to be in the military

But they chose to.

            Thank you veterans for everything you do. Your service is greatly appreciated and without you, we would not have the freedom and rights we have today. It is so brave of you to fight our enemies and leave home to an unknown place just for freedom. That is what a true hero is.


                                                                                     Raveena Nair


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